Cold Buffets


Parma ham and rosemary | Cold Buffet Office Lunches Woking
Please choose 2 main dishes for all guests £11.50 per person*

Deli Meat Platter
Home baked ham, Italian salami and spicy chorizo

Home Cooked Chicken Skewers
Marinated in coriander and lime

Home Baked Ham
With Dijon mustard

Continental Meat Selection
Parma ham, Italian salami and pastrami

Red Onion and Rosemary Quiche (v)
With feta cheese

Broccoli and Stilton Quiche (v)


Served with 

Fresh Breads and Butter

Selection of 3 salads
Please choose from the list

Finger Dessert
chefs choice of the day

*minimum 8 people and 48 hours notice required


Fresh Salad | Business Catering in Surrey
Choose 3 Salads

Tomato & Red Onion
Served with a basil and balsamic vinaigrette

Virgin Caesar
With croutons, Parmesan and drizzled with Caesar dressing

New Potatoes and Red Onions
With chives and a light mayonnaise dressing

Traditional Coleslaw
Grated carrots and white cabbage in a light mayonnaise

Five Bean
With a home made vinaigrette

Fresh Fragrant Tabouleh
Cracked bulgur wheat, mint, parsley, tomatoes, onions and lemon

With pesto dressing

Mexican Rice
With sweetcorn, red beans, raisins and peppers


Grilled Salmon with rosemary | Corporate Lunch Catering Surrey
Add on Extras

Additional Main Dish
£2.50 per person

Freshly Baked Salmon – min 10 guests
With dill, lemon juice, sea salt & black pepper
£4.00 per person

Smoked Fish Platter
Salmon and mackerel
£3.00 per person

Crunchy Mixed Salad
£1.50 per person

Additional Salad
£1.80 per person

Additional Finger Dessert
from £0.95 per person

China Plates and Cutlery
£0.80 per person

With a great range of meats, vegetarian options and  salads our buffets offer a more substantial lunch option.  

Freshly  cooked and prepared in our kitchens, everything is presented on our china and melamine platters and dishes.

 With our add-on extras you can make the buffet as fancy as you like.

Finishing Touches

  • Crudités with Dips
    £0.95 pp
  • Herbed Pitta Crips
    £3.75 per bowl
  • Hand Cooked Crips
    £2.95 per bowl
  • Rich Belgian Chocolate Brownies
    £1.50 pp
  • Maple & White Chocolate Cakes
    £0.95 pp
  • Fresh Fruit Skewers
    £2.20 pp
  • Selection of Fizzy Soft Drinks
    £1.00 pp
  • Selection of Juices
    £2.00 pl
  • Still or Sparkling Water
    £1.95 pl